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totallycompletelysane asked:




Send “✆” for a morning text.

[Text] Did you sneak out okay?

[Text] Carolina didn’t see you, did she? She’s been training pretty late recently.

[Text] Oh and I guess good morning, too.

[Text] Have you had breakfast yet? Want to grab something in the mess hall real quick?

[Text] Food I mean

[Text] I really need some fucking coffee.

[Text] Okay listen we had a really lovely night last night but your sass is literally overpowering my eyes and burning my hand holding my phone right now. I love you David but it’s too damn early and like I said, I haven’t had my coffee yet.

[Text] If you want tea you’d better march your ass down to the mess hall and meet me there. I don’t do delivery service.

[Text:] I never asked you to deliver, Tex, and I probably won’t make it.

[Text:] Also I hope you know I now have proof that you love me. I hope the coffee’s good.

thefreelancerdirector asked:

Send “✉” for a text that wasn’t sent.

[Text:] Why did I ever try to make you proud? The military made me blind. The regulations were something plausible that I thought everyone with good sense would follow, they were an anchor I could hold onto. A ladder I could use to climb out of the pit I was born into. In the end I realized that I wasn’t trying to make you proud, I could care less about you. I used you and everyone else above me on the chain of command as a way of convincing myself I was worth something. That I was more than that child that was thrown away by his parents. 

You taught me that I wasn’t worth more than that, I’m still not. But you did teach me to open my eyes.. Everything you’ve done has taught me never to trust anything I see or anyone I meet. You used to call me a kid for my age and my lack of knowledge of how social interactions went beyond those with team members who relied heavily on the strength of their foxhole brothers. But I wasn’t a kid, I’d seen more than you could ever dream of, on the front lines, and if you don’t believe that, then you should believe that I’m not now. After all you caused, I have nothing human left inside myself. 

Have I grown up enough for you Director?

[Send Message?] Yes/No

"A lot of people make excuses to cover up them being assholes.."

"I just accept it now. There’s really no denying it and hey, I’ve found worse things to take advantage of other than people’s aversion to being stuck in a room with me."

abitofabadass asked:

Send “✉” for a text that wasn’t sent.

[Text:] Tex, I know you’re out there somewhere. We couldn’t have destroyed all the drones. The Director must have had more somewhere. I just would have to look hard enough. Just remember I love you and that goodbye doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You were always so afraid of farewell. We were afraid. But I know its not. Because I’ll see you again. Just like I’ll see Maine again. 

And if you’re out there. I should have told you this a long, long time ago. 

Goodbye Tex. I’ll see you later.

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